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Open for entire 48 hours
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Friday, January 29, 2021 - 6:00pm
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大家好,一年一度的Global Game Jam又要开始了,很遗憾因为全球疫情的原因,今年的GGJ按要求,全部以线上形式进行,经过和中国区以往各地区的合作伙伴讨论,最终选择了会最方便进行和维持各位Jammer可以继续参与的形式进行,即还是将由CiGA来组织一个中国区的大的线上站点,其他有些小的站点会根据自己情况并行,通过主要的大站点,给到所有相关的线上平台、交流联络、推广、管理等相关的支持。视频和主题等还将通过直播进行发布,2021年因为线上进行,整体的全球时间会有略微错位,这次GGJ中国的开发时间会在2021年1月29-31日进行。 更多具体的信息可以等国内本土的活动信息平台发布后查看,会在, 预计在12月中旬发布。可关注CiGA的微信公众号留意最新的信息。 

Hi Jammers, welcome to the annual Global Game Jam,unfortunatelly due to the corona virus situation globally the organizer of GGJ had to made a difficult decision to run the event online. After discussion with previous partners in each city, we finally choose a way that to make the event could happen and allow more jammers to join the site as usual, CiGA (China indie Game Alliance) will organize a main online site (similar with the CiGA Game Jam in Summer) while having possible sub sites running at the same time, as the main site, we will provide platform, tech, organization, promotion and other supports to sub sites . We will release the keynote video and the Theme via live stream. Due to the special situation for 2021 GGJ, the sites all over the world will have slice difference in time arrangements, for GGJ China, we wil run the development from 29th Jan to 31st Jan, 2021. More details including how to join, procedure, guides, rules, will be released via the local event site on which is planning to be updated around middle of Dec, 2020. You can also follow our wechat account (CiGA独立游戏联盟) for more details. Thank you for joining us again.  

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Access to food in close vicinity. Drinks and snacks provided on site.
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18+ only

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