Winter June Fest 2 - 21 Ω' Tatsu

The game is a direct continuation of the first one. After destroying the Earth, Lenny Luke and Sharon Max celebrate the mission accomplishment and got drunk on their ship. However, sailing in space under the influence is extremely dangerous and they ended up getting lost. They figure out that they are on the opposite side of space, so far that their UPS (Universal Positioning System) and radios cannot locate their home planet, Koloqüia. Afraid of being lost in space until death, the protagonists decided to try to send a signal that every Koloqüian would recognize. They decide to destroy as many planets as possible until it forms an SOS sign so they can be rescued by the army.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Extract the whole zip folder into a folder and click twice on the executable file. 


Clovis Vilela - SFX and Music
Deborah Colombari - PM and Narrative
Luis Fidelis - Dev
Ricardo Niclas - Dev and Special Effects
Welliton Souza - Dev and Digital Art

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