Where is Bernie ?

A simple "click game" with no end. Found Bernie Sanders and click on him to increase your score.
Jam year: 
Smells like Success
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MS Windows, Mac OS X, Android device, iPhone, iPad
Technology Notes: 
Delphi, FireMonkey, Pascal, Object Pascal
Installation Instructions: 

To use the source files, you need Delphi or RAD Studio. You can download the free Community Edition from Embarcadero.com whebsite for personal use or a 30 days trial edition for professional use. Check the license on their website.

With Delphi you can compile this game to iOS, Android, Windows and macOS.

If you prefer to directly try the game, setups are available for :



Developped in Delphi (From Embarcadero) with FireMonkey framework by Patrick Prémartin (https://developpeur-pascal.fr)
Music by Johan Brodd (Jobromedia) from https://opengameart.org/content/a-winter-tale
Background image and cartoons charaters by Kenney from https://kenney.nl/
Button icons by Google and Austin Andrews (Templarian) from https://materialdesignicons.com/


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Point & Click