Uwudles: A Completely Wholesome Friend-Finding Adventure

Summon Uwudles with Candy! Exchange Uwudles for Candy! The fun never ends, though this Candy does smell a little funny... ---- In the mystical world of Uwudles, you meet a super helpful, horned lady named Maple who promises you the adventure of a life time! She can summon these powerful Uwudles with the power of Candy that you bring to her altar. All you have to do is take good care of the Uwudles she find in an alternate dimension. Once they're nice and strong, she'll take them off your hands in exchange for some delicious, delicious Uwudle Candy.
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MS Windows, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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Unity (any product)

Ian - Programming (Preeminant Game System Architect)

Robert - Programming (Sovereign of the Gacha Altar)

Digo - Programming (Executive Uwudle Battler)

Mindy - Programming, 2D Art & Writing (Supreme Uwudle Master)

Alex - Programming & UI Art (Premier Dialogue Crafter)

Jake - 3D Art & Animation (Lead Uwudle Craftsman)

Wade - 3D Environment Art (Chief Rock Sculptor)

Chandler - Sounds & Music (Maestro of Sounds)

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