UFO's Don't Land

UFO's certainly don't land. Not only is it a fact but it is also an anagram for the theme Lost and Found. Woah, think that's pretty cool, wait until you roll an explosive barrel into a group of goblins. In UFO's don't land, your character Tracy, Woo, Penguin or an Alien has been killed in a fatal UFO accident and you wake up to find yourself on the set of an Alien GameShow (un-benownst to you) called UFO's Don't Land. Here you must work with your team to defeat aliens dressed up as fantasy creatures. You will utilize items in your environment such as explosive barrels, swords, and an rpg to clear rooms in the dungeon. Get to the very end and you may just find yourself a second chance at life.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Skyler Zartman, Sean Lynch, and Caden Messenger pictured from left to right.

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