Treasure Hunted

A game where the treasure hunter becomes the hunted. Flee from the jaws of hungry chests that once were the reason you came looking for gold. With the help of your trusted binoculars, alter your shape and mass to navigate through narrow passages, or to break through crumbling passages in order to escape with your life.
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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Download the zip file to your own desired spot on your computer. Extract the file inside from the zip. Once you access the extracted file, there is a folder inside caled "Builds". Go in there and then into the folder called "TreasureHunt".  There you'll find a folder called "PC" which inside has a Unity build .exe filled called "Project Treasure Hunt". Running this lets you play the game!

The game can also be downloaded from the link below (source code + executable). Follow the same instructions as above when downloaded from


Programmers: Victor Enhörning & Carl-Magnus Embring Klang
Graphical Artist: Dennis Holmgren
Sound Design: Mattias Larsson

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