Train of Thought

*Train of Thought* is a visual novel mixed with a side scrolling autorun platformer, in which the player is picking dialogue options for the main character ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The current pandemic demands staying at home most of the time, and Phoebe, a game journalist that lives in a comfy flat with her girlfriend Lucy and their cat Mo.. she doesn't like it all that much. Looking at a screen several hours a day is not an issue for her, but now that she's forced to stay at home, she's getting more and more frustrated, and it gets to her more than she wants to admit. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Although she's well versed in written language, she’s struggling with talking in a coherent manner, often forgets what she wants to say and gets sidetracked easily. Her mood affects how she talks and what she’s saying which sometimes gets in the way of what she *wants* to say. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Help Phoebe to communicate with the people around her and maybe, reaching a better destination of her train of thought.
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The Feels - (Sponsored by Sony Interactive Entertainment)
Destination: Happy Place - (Sponsored by Unity)
MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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| * Yarn Spinner * | * Clip Studio Paint Ex * | * Moho 13 * | * FMOD * | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Get the newest version here:
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  • Use F1 to Restart current level
  • Use number keys 1-5 to jump to the corresponding level


Content Warnings

* anti-asian racism
* themes of anxiety
* social conflicts


Quizz: Follow the link to see what Train Of Thought character you are!
(to get the result in the end, just enter a random name and email address like "[email protected]", it doesn't matter)


'shoshua' - Joshua Bach - Game and Level Design
'hollowspecter' - Vivien Baguio - Programming and Sound
'Ann-Ka' - Ann-Kathrin Raab - Character Art, Character Animation and UI
'Bloodless Tukan' - Daniel Simon - Game Design and Writing
'Schlingelis' - Ingelis Wipfelder - Writing


Special Thanks

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Side Scroller