Tonttu's Travels

Play as Tonttu! A norse house spirit who collects lost things and takes them back to his own dimension! Ever wondered where that lost sock went? That key that fell down in the floorboards? Tonttu has taken it! Jump, dash and sprint your way around this 3D Platformer to retrieve 5 lost items to reopen your portal and get back to your own dimension! Avoid the Mares, malevolent spirits that will try to hinder your mission! Items to Find: -Ring -Key -Lighter -Coin -Quill Get back to the portal with all 5 items to win!
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Maya, Visual Studio
Installation Instructions: 

Navigate to our page and download the .zip of our most recent build!

Extract the .zip and run the Unity executable to play!

Alternatively download and extract the files from this page and run the executable. Note that this may not be the most up to date build.



Georgi Tsaklev

Robertin Datkov

Georgios Venios

Alex Asenov


Matthew Bailey

Ben Nichols

Level Design

Matthew Bailey

3D Art

Alex Parr

Abigail John

Ross Delaney

Liam Williamson

2D Art and UI Design

Casey O'Connor


Joseph James-Rikona

Andrei Pantilie

Third Party Assets:

Hovl Studio (Fire for the candles)


Alexandr Voevodov (Candles)

All Music and SFX ( All CC0):

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Source files: 
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Third Person