Tim's Lighthouse

Tim's Lighthouse - Help the Lost Ships Find their way ahead! By Marty Quire, Mark Wahnish & Fred Gohsman; After studying Earth's Lighthouses, Tim decided to build lighthouses in the heavens. Tim has chosen you to to man his lighthouse in an uncharted asteroid belt, to guide the lost ships to find their jump-gates on the other side of the belt. The ships' pilots are skillful, but just need a little help from you and Tim's Lighthouse to get them, their passengers & cargo to safety. Technology / Tools: Tim has installed tools to assist the ships in safely reaching their destination - #> Radar Beacon - Mark asteroids with Beacons so that the ships can automatically avoid them. #> Pusher Pod - Launch Pusher Pods into asteroids to push them away from the area, potentially clearing a path for the ships. #> Cannon - Use this beam to destroy asteroids. You must aim the beam cannon at the asteroids & it uses lots of lighthouse energy. Tim will bring lighthouse upgrades after you have assisted a number of ships. These new tools will be enabled as you play & are shown as icons on the left. Controls: Use the mouse to sweep the lighthouse beam & target the asteroids. Use the mouse buttons to launch the various technologies against the asteroids, to assist the ships. When a ship appears at the border of the area, its destination jump-gate will appear at another location. Use the tech to assist each ship in reaching its destination jump-gate. The asteroids can be marked by a Beacon, moved by a Pusher Pod or obliterated by the beam Cannon. When a ship collides with asteroids, it loses shield energy & possibly faces destruction. Too many lost ships, ends the game. #> Sweep Pointer Beam - Mouse Movement to sweep #> Rotate Camera Orbit - A & D keys to rotate #> Radar Beacon - Left Mouse Button launches marker beacon #> Pusher Pod - Right Mouse Button launches pusher pod #> Cannon Beam - Middle Mouse Button fires beam cannon Scoring: To measure effectiveness of the tools (& the operator), a score is generated based primarily on ships safely escorted to their jump-gate. Energy levels of the lighthouse & ship are also displayed.
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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Amplify shader editor (not included in project files) 3 button mouse required
Installation Instructions: 

Unzip, open the build folder, and run Tim's Lighthouse GGJ 2021.exe


Tim's Lighthouse by - Mark Wahnish, Marty Quire & Fred Gohsman

Global Game Jam 2021 - Remote from Tampa Bay area

Concept, Gameplay & Design                - All (Suncoast GGJ)
Orginal Art, Music & 3D Models            - MartyQ
Overall Coding & Integration                  - MarkW
User Interface & Help Design/Coding  - FredG

Thanks to Central Florida GGJ, Unity3D, and Kenney.nl

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