Stuff Keeper

You just got hired as the new Stuff Keeper, which is a fancy name for "the person who works at the lost & found office", in a pub. Your job is to manage items that were lost by customers and, eventualy, return them to theyr owners... or throw them away in case said owner never shows up. Are you up to the task? Be aware that customers will complain about you to the manager if you mess up, and if there are too many complaints you'll be fired. So your goal is to keep the job for as long as you can.
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MS Windows
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GameMaker (any product)
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Just unzip the game and have fun!

game intructions:
WASD /arrow keys - to move you character and the UI cursor
Q - to trhow found items away and close the locker
E - To interact with stuff, take items  and give to customes


Game Design - Renan Vargas de Sá, Luiz Martins, Thuanny  Paula Sobral

Programming - Renan Vargas de Sá

Soundtrack - Luiz Martins

SFX - Luiz Martins

Concept Art - Thuanny Paula Sobral

2D Art - Thuanny Paula Sobral


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