Have you ever gazed into the night sky, trying to figure out where the goddamn constellations are situated? And how could a bunch of straight lines being named after complex mythological figures? With "Staring" you can try to find some weird constellations in the night sky. Listen to the story of Boor and Zyght from the Man-Ure space tribe, as they remember the history of their ancients while trying to figure out where all the odd stars are placed in the sky. And make a brand new constellation, a new species made by the Man-Ure in the laboratories: the "Crowlus". Use your mouse and navigate the sky, click the stars and try to make a constellation out of the hints. Feel the struggle and be utterly overpowered by the random figures in the sky.
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Theme Song
Fake News
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Wwise, Adobe Photoshop, GitHub, Pro Tools, Fungus.
Installation Instructions: 

Follow the download link for the bug-fixed version.


Federico Manzella - developer

Umberto Placucci - game design & sound design

Zeno Bianchini - game design

Paolo Ferrari - arts & sound design

Leo Mancinelli - arts

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Point & Click