Split Blobs

What did just happen? I can not really remember. How do I get back my memories? Somehow they got separated and I can not collect them anymore. Help me to get these blobs and drops back. Only as a team of two you can make the memories find each other and rejoin. Two memory parts are separated by an immense impact. Together the two local players need to find each other in a labyrinth-like level of blocks. Again and again. Until all memory parts are back together. Only then we will get back the whole memory and find happiness again.
Jam year: 
Destination: Happy Place - (Sponsored by Unity)
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Mainly we programmed and developed the game on and for OS Microsoft Win 10, but included other Builds for: 

Windows 10 (as already told) 


Please just run the Builds on the Platforms and OS.



Please note that we use a font ‘reguloza’ from the Artist: https://www.1001fonts.com/users/azisihsan/ (Azisihsan) for our game for global game jam 2021. We use the font for the text in the Main menu and submenus.

We did not create this font, and so do not own it. The font belongs to their rightful owners. 

Notice that this font is free for personal and commercial use. More Information: https://www.1001fonts.com/licenses/ffc.html

font:  https://www.1001fonts.com/reguloza-font.html 


The Team

All team members worked equally hard on the mechanics, story and the overall game idea. 

Special task for the team members were as following:

Alexander Bobb: Programmierung, Engine

Dorian David: Programmierung, Engine, Animations

Maria Monica Suarez Rincon: 2D, Design, UI

Katharina Kasprzak: 2D, Design, UX

Viola Hößl: 2D, Designs, Animation


Get in touch with us!

Alexander Bobb:


[email protected]

Dorian David:


[email protected]

Maria Suarez Rincon:


[email protected]

Katharina Kasprzak:


[email protected]

Viola Hößl:


[email protected]


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