Spicy Dicey

A physical board game using dice. It's a minigame party for up to four chefs travelling the world rediscovering international cuisine after the 100-year lockdown. All minigames are playable using six-sided dice (a lot of them - 10 per player) and a standard chess board. They combine strategy, luck, risk management, and in one case, dexterity. Many of them revolve around solving abstract mathematical problems, but never in a way that would make you feel like you are doing homework. Learning about some of the many amazing dishes created by different cultures all around the world is an added bonus that'll hopefully inspire children of all ages to try new flavors they didn't know they loved. Everything's vegetarian, too, so it should be accessible to a fairly large audience. (The better half of the team is vegan, but there wasn't much time, so we had to take the recipes we could find) As a married couple, the game was inspired by our love for cooking; as expecting parents, we wanted to create something that we'll be able to play with our child. A game that promotes tactical thinking, but with enough of a random element to allow any player to beat any opponent, regardless of age.
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It’s You + Me, Kid - (Sponsored by Carina Fund)
The Possibilities are Endless - (Sponsored by Endless)
Destination: Happy Place - (Sponsored by Unity)
Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)
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A total of 41 dice, a chessboard, a bunch of small tokens, and a cardboard box.

RapidPeach & BennetDoesGames

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