Somewhere Eldritch

First thing first: THE BOAT IS NOT YOU. █ You're here, with endless ocean spreads around you, and a boat, or a submarine, somewhere nearby. Feel free to move towards it, but beware, things change, maybe not every time, when you move under the sunlight, and you are really lost. █ Find your location based on the changing water and get to your exit. Good luck. █ How to play: 1. The game will not show the player's avatar, you need to figure out the current position based on the other rules. █ 2. You can move in any of the ↑ , ↓ , ← or → directions. Nothing will stop you from moving. █ 3. When you move to the border and keep moving in the same direction, you will be wrapped around to the other end of the level. █ 4. Each tile of each level can have two states, a brighter-looking tile, and a darker-looking tile. The tile where the exit is will have a boat as the bright tile, and a submarine as the dark tile. █ 5. When you move onto a dark tile, the pattern will not change at all (but you still moved and can stay on a dark tile). █ 6. When you move onto a bright tile, the pattern will change to the one that's corresponding to that tile. However, it is possible that more than one tile has the same pattern. █ 7. When you move onto a bright tile and the pattern changes, the bright tile you are standing on will not change to a dark tile. █ 8. After figure out your current position, just move to the exit tile and press the SPACE key. If you press the space key on the exit tile, you will proceed to the next level. Otherwise, the level will restart with a new starting position and exit position. █
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Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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Unity (any product)

Yiming(Xuefeng) Zhang


Wo(Rosaita) Wu

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