Snip Snap

Snap is an up and coming professional photographer who loves taking selfies. Snap lives in Australia and spends his time taking pictures with his magic camera, it can suck in whatever he takes a picture of. While out taking pictures, he tries his best to 'help' the locals in town, and to commemorate the occasion of meeting and 'helping' new people, he takes a selfie with them. Instructions: Use your camera to delete objects from the world! All to find peoples lost items. Take a selfie with lost items to complete quests! (Currently there are only two quests) Controls: WASD - Move character Space - Jump E - Interact Left Shift - Sprint Tab - Open/close photo gallery (When in gallery) A/D - Cycle gallery Right Click - Open/close camera (With camera open) Left Click - Take photo (With camera open) E - Selfie mode In Selfie Mode: Scroll Wheel - Open/close Jaw Mouse - Move Arm W / S - Move camera closer / further from face Left Shift - Angle Camera Ctrl - Rotate Player
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MS Windows
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Unreal Engine
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Maya, ZBrush, Substance Painter, Blender, Aesprite.
Installation Instructions: 

Download the folder, unzip the folder, open the .exe in the folder.


Joshua Blackley - Level Design/ Texturing

Jon-Paul Buck - 3D Artist/ Character Artist

Daniel Truman - Concept/ 3D Artist

Mark Hallam - Programmer

Bruce Gdula - Programmer

Jamie Truman - 3D artist

Ebony Paice - UI / Thumbnails

Bruce's Mum - Happy Birthday

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