Serious Game: "Will you remember?"

The game "Will you remember?" tells the story of the Jew Ephraim Rosenthal, who grew up during the Second World War. He and his sister Ruth survived, their parents have been murdered in a concentration camp. As Ephraim grows older, he starts losing the memories about this time. Lucky for him, you might think, because noone would love to remember such terror, fear and the murder of ones own parents. But this is not the way Ephraim thinks: He wants to get his memory back, for being a contemporary witness to others nowadays. Because he wants everyone to know and to remember these times, so that they will never return. Help him remember, so that you can remember as well. Will you? ​ ​ HOW TO PLAY THE GAME WITH ITS SPECIAL MECHANIC: We developed the game for PC (Windows). So first of all, you have to download it. :) Please start the game by clicking on the "Start" button. You will see a photo album with the first level (at this stadium, we only developed this first level). It is a white polaroid picture with the year "1933" on it. By clicking on this photo, you will enter the level. Being in this level, you will only see white. Use the space bar for taking pictures – this will help you seeing more. But take care of the camera icon – it shows you, how many pictures you can take. Move around using the arrow keys. Look around carefully for getting to know first parts from the story of Ephraim and his family. Find the glowing portal and go there to finish the level. This will bring you back to the level selection (photo album). The first picture won't be white anymore, you will see the house that Ephraim and his family lived in. Because you helped him remember. More level: Coming soon, so stay tuned! :)
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The Feels - (Sponsored by Sony Interactive Entertainment)
Games are for Everyone
MS Windows
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Unity (any product)

Thanks a lot to every person who did 3D models on sketchfab! We used the ones by: abdillaamy, AEN, oisougabo, mattpoast, Agustín Hönnun, Blender3D, Parthos Balsam, ellieharrodine, Kana Borzova

Thank you to the Bundesarchiv and Archiv Eschwege for the old pictures (from Hitler & von Hindenburg; and the Jewish Family Neumann).

This game was developed by Lauritz Brinkmann and Johanna Daher during the Global Game Jam 2021 #GGJOnline. More level: Coming soon! And we will upload a behind the scenes video on YouTube, because we vlogged the whole jam and development. You will find the vlog here:

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