You lost your senses, and your quest is to get them back ! Go through multiple labyrinths which will challenge your various senses. -- You can't see anything. You almost can't feel anything. All of your senses are gone, except one. You can only touch the ground with your feet, and the walls with your hands. You need to find your other senses back! -- Controls : WASD / ZQSD - Move Mouse - Move camera Mouse Left Click - Trigger buttons Space - Jump (when applicable) Left Ctrl - Crouch
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Unzip the file and launch Build/Senses.exe


Made by :

- Alexis Guys - GameDev

- Drake - GameDev

- Dralok - GameDev

- Sugiuro - GameDev


Free Assets used :


Lava Flowing Shaders -
Magic Particle Systems Lite -
iTween -
Visual iTween Path Editor -
Level Up 01 (SFX when collecting a sense) -
Free Icons from
SonarFx :
Crosshair :
Fantasy Icons Symbols Pack -
wrong (SFX when activating wrong buttons) -
success_bell (SFX when activating right buttons) -
Switch ON Livingroom -
Footprint icon : &
Handprint icon : (Hand by christos hooper from the Noun Project)
AI Pointe Font :

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