Rip and Bear

A small Plattaform game where you can help a teared up teddy bear find his lost body parts. The first parts you find are not the right ones! But they are still fuctional and will help this bear until you find the real body. Every part of the body has a functionality and you must use them well to get to the end of the level. To play the game yo can move with the left and right arrow keys, and use the up arrow key to jump. Use E to interact with objects arround you. To adquire a new part just stand over it and use Q to dispose of it. Have fun and thank you for playing!
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
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Debe tener Unity para correrlo.


Art and Animation

Valentina Büchner
Florencia De León
Mery Raquet
Mateo Rodriguez


Jimena Servin
Luar Silveira

Music and SFX

Juan Carlos Mariño

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