Reunited Paths

A lost-n’-found dating sim in Ren’Py. MOSTLY finished!
Jam year: 
The Feels - (Sponsored by Sony Interactive Entertainment)
Games are for Everyone
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 

People who worked on the project


Ryan Kalies - head director

Discord - Capiron#8127 


Matthew Apelman - Coding, writing, assistant director

Discord - Iplaygames995#9382


D’chika Onwusa - Coding and writer

Discord - Jingles (Luna's Child)#5451


Jerome Waters - Coding director

Discord - BrainDead#3196


Trinity Ownby - Character art 

Insta is @t.a.ko_art

ArtStation - 


Jaiden Layton - environmental artist

Discord - PokemonRules2001#1928


Gabriel Battaliou - Writer

Discord - DRAGOquing#5228


Floyd Hicks - Music

Discord - Florb#0552


Devon Crain - Music

Discord - battleof3#3152


Ryan - Music

Discord - Th3Musician44#1580


Isaias Hernandez - Spanish translation 

Discord - yisah#1018


Rex - streamer


Joel Crawford - producer 

Behance -

Discord - Drag Dragcoon#1859 


A lost-n’-found dating sim in Ren’Py. MOSTLY finished!


Game Tags: 
Point & Click