Redrawed - Rewarded

Redrawed - Rewarded is a game about yourself. In this vertical slice, players will have to sort out different puzzles to advance further into an unknown forest. Clear your path as you go on. Learn from what you just did. It is always darkest before the dawn. The player needs to sort out how to complete each level by picking hints from dialogue lines: each level has 4 interactable trees with a different way to interact with them. Level 1: The one about cycles. By taking a closer look to each tree, players will notice a decal representing different moon stages. After interacting with them, an audible hint will let players know they have succeeded. A voice will give a hint to sort out next level. Level 2: The one about perspective. Players will try to replicate what they learnt in level one, however it will not work. In this level, players are required to look from another point of view to clear the puzzle. A voice will give a hint for the next level. Level 3: The one about empathy. Players will try to apply what they learnt in the previous levels and they will not succeed. In this level players will have to look at the trees by peeking through another tree to find out the correct order of interaction. A voice will drop a hint on the next level. Level 4: The one about expectations. This level will have a complete different mechanic. It is expected by now that players will try to use whatever they learnt before, but expecting a slight change. In this level, players will need to use the tools they have so far and solve a sliding puzzle by peeking through a tree (empathy), and matching the symbols on the sliding puzzle with the symbols on the trees. Level 5: The one about embracing yourself. After completing every level the sun will rise higher. The forest will stop looking unfamiliar and players will find it more comfortable to walk around. This time players will need to interact with all the trees in a race against time.
Jam year: 
The Feels - (Sponsored by Sony Interactive Entertainment)
Destination: Happy Place - (Sponsored by Unity)
Double Take
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

1.- Download zip file.
2.- Extract files.
3.- Locate "Redrawer.exe" and run it


3D & Art:

Alejandro Reza Garduño Rojo(RED PandaFox)
Stephanie 'Timer' BG
Luis Gerardo Reyes Lozano (Kingsfall)
Emilio Zerón (Backlighting)

Valeria Valle Collantes (WonderValerie)
Juan Pablo Portilla (Draco)

Environment tech:
Valeria Valle Collantes (WonderValerie)

Luis Gerardo Reyes Lozano (Kingsfall)

Game Design & Mechanics:
Andrés Rivera Aragón (Andyman 138)
Alejandro Reza Garduño Rojo(RED PandaFox)

Level Design:
Andrés Rivera Aragón (Andyman 138)
Alejandro Reza Garduño Rojo(RED PandaFox)

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