You are in a mission to find a precious stash in the depth of the sea. To do so, you must keep an eye on your most precious tool, your Radar ! Explore the depth, mark your findings, but avoid the pirates that will steal your oxygen !
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MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
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Unity (any product)
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Goal of the game :
The goal is to find the precious stash, to help you, follow the Hint on the left of the screen. Find the place in the world that looks like it, and hit the search button to check for the stash.

Control :
To move, click on the grid, a Green dot should appear, then click execute to move.
You can write on the radar to note information, and guide you. To do so, click on the pen icon.
You can also erase chosen line you created, to do so, click on the eraser icon.
You can zoom out, to get a larger view of the map and of you drawings. Click on the Magnifying class, to do so.
When you think you found the precious stash, click the search button, a log (On the bottom left) will let you know if you did.
If you get stuck, and can't move, click on the move button (the 4 arrows ) and click where you want to move on the grid. Then press the execute button.

Game mechanics :
You are limited in oxygen, each move uses one of it.
You can find oxygen in little stash through the sea. Their appear as white dot, but be aware, pirate camouflage themselves as stash, to jump on you if you get close and steal your Oxygen. If you see a "stash" moving, I would not trust it ! ;)


Guillaume Duquesne - Programing / Game design

Franck Morgand - Programing / Game desgin

Arthur Zerbinatti - Graphic design

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