Quantum Decks

Quantum Decks is a cooperative puzzle card-game inspired by Slay the Spire, Hand of Fate and the Lord Of The Rings Living Card Game. A dangerous enemy threatens the entire galaxy, and it is up to two enigmatic spacefarers equipped with weird technology and strange allies to fight their way through unique encounters to challenge and hopefully overcome the ultimate boss! Each turn, both players select a card to play against their current opponent. The selected card is discarded, the other two wander into the deck of the other player. Cards can have special abilities, such as losing additional cards, rescuing them from the void, empowering or even randomizing their partner's opponents. Only cooperation, teamwork and planning will see the two spacefarers through. Match your cards to the threats for maximum damage and learn all about the special attacks. But don't forget the cards you didn't play may also trigger effects! Encounter iconic space oddities such as The Enterspice, Alien Loveforms and Weaponized Satellites and defeat them with Alien Diplomacy, Redshirts and other Unexpected Solutions.
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MS Windows, Mac OS X, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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Unity (any product)
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Programming: Raphael Kötz, Tobias Klienhus
Sound and Music: daCrew (Andreas Buhs, Rainer Gebhardt, Stefan Gores)
Art: Inka McAtee

Design: Björn Loesing

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