Overkarened! You're a lost and found assistant in a cursed department with the worst clients imaginable: Karens... Listen to the encouraging words of your manager, retrieve your client's item before the time runs out and try not to have a breakdown over their excessive complaining! -Features: -10 different Karen personalities with their own voice acting -3 levels with varying difficulty and surprises -1 manager who's having a tough time -All of that in 2 languages (French and English with voice actors for both languages) -Controls: -WASD: Move -Touch desk to place item -LeftClick at desk to give item -RightClick to throw item -MiddleMouseButton to punch box towers -Escape to leave level -Spacebar to pause game
Jam year: 
On the safe side
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
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Unity Source File + Build File


Developer and Programer - Chris Bodsworth
Writer, Translator and Sound & Music Designer - Charlie Finney

Voice Actors:
Classic Karen - George Yarwood
Political Karen - Luke Owen
Mother of Five Karen - Abby Catto
Trashbag Karen - Chris Bodsworth
Caffeinated Karen - Joel Brooker
Yoga Karen - Chris Riches
Wine Karen - Evie Newton
Gossip Karen - JM Jeffcott-Calzado
Cat-Lady Karen - Charlie Finney
Not Karen - Billy Watson

French Voices:

Kevin Tuboeuf & Florian Besson

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