o lukin e ko jaki! | Watching poop

ike a! ko jaki li tawa lon ma ali! o lukin e ona li pana e sona ona! | Oh noes! The poops are sliding around everywhere! Keep an eye on them and get them under our radar! | | musi pi awen sona | Memory game | Language: Toki Pona with in-game dictionary so that you can decipher the language in the game
Jam year: 
On the safe side
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Installation Instructions: 

1. Extract the following zip: https://secret.sadale.net/GGJ2021/o_lukin_e_ko_jaki.zip

2. Launch the executable file. (filenames for windows: o_lukin_e_ko_jaki.exe macos: o_lukin_e_ko_jaki.zip,  o_lukin_e_ko_jaki.x86_64, Android: o_lukin_e_ko_jaki.apk)

Or play the web version (Not recommended. It has audio sync issue)

Known issue: Android version had been tested in two devices. Neither worked somehow. Possibly unsupported hardware or a bug in Godot engine.


jan Niko li pali e ilo sona

jan N30HRTGDV li pali e sitelen

jan Sate li pali e ilo sona


Nico - Programmer

N30HRTGDV - 3D artist

Sadale - Programmer