Find the Ladder

A game about some dwarves lost in a cave. Left click to select a character. Right click to move character or make him interact with walls and the ladder. Escape exits the game Find the ladder, when all dwarves have escaped you win.
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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Models were created and exported as FBX files using Maya 2019 with student licences. Animations were fetched from and included in the project. The specific animations are "Orc Walk", "Orc Idle" and "Standing Melee Attack Downward". These animations were left out of the source files upload because the licence does not allow redistribution. Sounds were created using BFXR v1.5.1, can be downloaded from for free. Textures were created using, can be downloaded form for free. The game engine used is Unity (2020.2.2f1). The toon shader used was inspired and based on The water shader used was inspired and based on

Oliver Öhrström - Programming

Hugo Hansen - Modelling and Programming

Jonas Ekblad - Modelling

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