A Melody Called Home

Martin, the swallow, lost his memory. The only things he remembers are distant melodies that are somehow connected to a scene he has passed. Help Martin to remind the melodies and find the way back home. Listen quietly and then try to rebuild the notes you heard on the hexagonal tiles. You can only fly to a tile that is connected to the tile you're in. If you notice you picked a wrong tile, you can undo your steps by klicking the rewind button. If you think you are right, press the Play button. When you are successful, you'll hear the full melody again and proceed to the next level. The other buttons are explained in the "Help" menu. Different scenes have different sound themes and the complexity and length of the melodies increase level by level.
Jam year: 
Destination: Happy Place - (Sponsored by Unity)
MS Windows, Linux / Unix
Technology Notes: 
Löve2D engine, Lua programming language
Installation Instructions: 

Download either melody-win64.zip (for Windows machines) or melody.love (for Linux or MacOS) from GitHub.

Extract the file and run melody.exe. If SmartScreen pops up, press "more information", then "run anyways".

Linux (and others):
Download the love file, then install Löve2D either via your package manager or download the proper version from love2d.org for your operating system, then drag melody.love onto Löve2D or start it via commandline: love melody.love



2D Art, UI, Game Design


Programming, Game Design


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