Memories of Yesterday

Short Version : The character is struggling to find memories trough lost toys found scattered in dreams. You are searching for the memories of a long lost friend. Long Version : The main story consist three different pitch ideas, by three different contestants who presented as individuals, who did not had a team. After the game pitch sessions (will use discord names), kenobiben gathered the team, by explaining them that they could make a combination of their ideas in one showcase pitch. First who liked this idea was DubleDemon, who is Front-end developer. The other individuals Ynotlol and Florelion were also intrigued by the idea to combine and make a them, and that is how Lost & Found team Gathered. Kenobiben: lost memories, lost soul, character needs to find itself trough interaction. Genre: simulator, slice of life. YnotLoL: friend lost in the forest. Genre: Platform. Florelion: Searching memories in pictures. Genre: Exploration Object finding. The character is found moving through the city, which presents the reality which is with darker mood color, who then steps into the dreamworld when arriving home. The nameless character is searching self trough dreams, trying to find childhood lost memories trough platform based scene. The goal is to gather the toy memories in your dream in order to find yourself and your memories of long lost friend. The 2D design in the game is completely hand drawn by Anastasija Zafirovska - discord name : Florelion (Background, Characters, Toys, Props and surrounding items and tilesets). All four contestants were first time game jam appliers and having first time experience in designing a game. Thank you for your time, contacts can be found on this page. Additional information: Lost & Found Team ranked as 5 place winners voted by the audience of the Game JAM 2021 Macedonia on Discord.
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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Use rar or winzip, no instalation needed.


Lost&Found Team:

Producer / Game Story & Design / Level Design / Sound Design -  Dragomir Stankovikj / Kenobiben on Discord

Producer / Game Mechanic / Programer  - Aleksandar Atanasov / DubleDemon on Discord

Producer / 2D Artist / Game Story & Design / Level Design - Anastasija Zafirovska / Florelion on Discord.

Producer / Game Story & Design / Level Design / Programer - Stefan Krstevski / YnotLoL on Discord.

Music used by Free Music Archive

 Level 1 Artist & Song : Scott Hollmes - Urban Haze

 Level 2 Artist & Song : Ketsa - Cake

 Level 3 Artist & Song : Ketsa - Dandy

 Intro Artist & Song :  Ketsa - Upper Levels

Thanks to Free Music Artst & Mix Kit for Sound FX

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