Memory Loss

A collection of unfinished card game prototypes that remix the classic card game Memory (a.k.a. Concentration, or Match Match), where the players are also allowed to *maybe* swap two tiles to befuddle the other player's memory of the tile locations Theme link: you're trying to find "lost memories" as players keep shuffling revealed tiles around the board (yeah, we admit: a bit of a stretch) Diversifiers arguments: It’s You + Me, Kid: the "maybe swap" element of the game can be seen as a bluffing element, but also is a way to introduce people to reason in terms of probability theory. A-Party: some of the prototypes can work as two-player games in a video-call, with one player being the game master and the other being the participant.
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It’s You + Me, Kid - (Sponsored by Carina Fund)
Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)

Jaffar Salih, Samanta Miszkiel and Job van der Zwan, with additional playtesting by Anika Koch and some suggestions by Torsten Hansson

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