Meet Me In The Middle

Sometimes you get lost within yourself. The World divided itself into good and bad. The world seems black and white to you. A good and a bad personality have to work together to achieve greatness. Survive and collect all the energy orbs in both worlds. This is the only way you can reach the middle and unite good and bad. Your main goal in the game is to collect all orbs, so you can get to the middle. You have three lives at the beginning of the game. If one of the players loses all of his hearts, the game will end for both of you. So be careful and watch out for ditches and other traps. The top player can move jump and crouch using W, A, S, D on the Keyboard. The player in the bottom half uses the arrow keys to move, jump and crouch. There are currently only 3 levels, but we hope that you enjoy our little game.
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MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Created by : Tessa Scholz, Arthur Gendel & Anna Lena Leichnitz

Music: Frantic by Kim Lightyear

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