Lucerna & Pum Pum

You will revive the tale of the feared Lucerna and Pum Pum. These guys are looking for the greatest treasure of them all, THE ONE FISH. Lucerna with her magical lantern will show the true nature of the Cursed Souls you will find. Control Lucerna with the GAMEPAD or DIRECTIONAL KEYS and change the color of her light with the TRIGGERS or NUMERIC KEY 1 and KEY 2. Pum Pum on the other hand is an expert gunner, able to fire in not one but TWO different directions. (Left and Right) Fire his gun with your mouse. You know, classic controls rock. I hope you have learned the controls because there is nothing like a ''controls screen'' around here. Oh, you might find some in-game easter eggs that may look like visual bugs. Don't let them fool you! Now, enjoy.
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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