LostInSnow (Multiplayer)

In 2028 two hiker groups decide to ascend an unknown peak. In return, they get lost and find themselves in a haunted town. Both group's cars are out of fuel. The last habitant of the town, has left one fuel bucket somewhere random. The people of town also have left their shocker guns by which they used to frighten animals. Now for hiker groups, it is a game of "Get the Bucket or Die". They must get the fuel and prevent other team from doing so, using shocker guns and their fist! The first team who can brings the fuel to its car, wins the round!
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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Blender GitHub Gimp
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Dedicated server: Run dedicated server and share server's static ip with your friends (make sure to open port number 7777)

Listen server: Run client exe and click on host + client

How to play: find the fuel bucket on the map and return it to your vehicle (where you have respawned initially)

Use E to interact, W,A,S,D to move around, mouse to look around and mouse click to punch or fire gun!


Story, Game Art Style Design, Level Design: Ehsan Naghipour

3D Modeling, 3D Artist: Armin Daneshfar, Mohammad Reza Pahlevani, S.Sajed Naghavi

Programming, Debugging: Mahdi Rouzmeh, S.Sajed Naghavi

Game Engine, Optimization: S.Sajed Naghavi

Character Animations Copyright: Mixamo

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