Lost in translation

Lost in translation is a 4-6 party game played primarily through our very own discord bot. the players take on the role of aliens who are using their spaceships computer to help them understand common terms and sayings used on earth so that they can integrate onto our planet as easily as possible. 2 players will be put against each other and given a randomised prompt for which one player must agree with and explain why they agree while the other player must disagree with and why they disagree with the statement. every other player will be the "Audience" The intention of this game is for a group of friends to have to respond to prompts in any way they like in order to attempt to win over the audience. This game requires all players to join our discord server and interact with our custom made discord bot. The players of this game will connect within our server where one player must take on the role of "Host". The host is the only player who is required to have the application open as they will be expected to livestream the application to all other players. Every player will interact with the application directly through discord commands.
Jam year: 
Spinal Tap
Fake News
MS Windows, Other digital platform
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
We are also using a custom built discord bot and server to be used in conjunction with our game.

Damian Kennett - Designer 

Cameryn Tuliao - 3D Artist

Jann Andre Fjelde Mjoen - Programmer

Kate Robinson - UI/Environment artist, concept design

Lyes Oussaiden - Lead Programmer 

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