Lost in Tome and Space

Aava is... not the brightest of stars in the Great Witch Academy. But she will be! At least that is what she set out for when one fateful night she snuck past the frightful (but currently dozing) Librarian into the Forbidden section of the Library. The lingering magic seethed in the very dust hanging in the air gave an eerie glow to the place. She tiptoed her way towards the thick Great Book of Forbidden Spells, almost twitching from the anticipation. But as soon as she opened the Book, it blasted from her grasp, since the book was finally free! Unravelling from their physical bindings, the spells of pure magic flew in every direction of the Library. Now she was in trouble! If she couldn't find all the pages before the Librarian woke up, she'd be scolded until her ears went red. And if the Principal heard of this... They might expel her! Or worse, use sarcasm! Guide Aava through the Library maze, whack enemies with your Broom and find the Exit.
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MS Windows
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.Net, Unity (any product)
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Unpack zip, Open Unity EXE


Made by: Sampsa Kaskela, Matti Mänty, Sade Sirén, Joonas Törmänen

Music by: Janay Maisano

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