Lost Ones

Who says being lost can’t lead to new adventures. Lost Ones is a 2 page, GM-less tabletop role playing game that is played with 4 players as you encounter strange new creatures and try to help them so they can help you! It’s a chance to stretch your RP muscles by creating new characters (with some guidelines to assist) and work collaboratively to solve problems and try to make your way to your destination. Tools recommended are 2 d12s of different colours, a pen and paper, and an item to use as a marker for your progress. This game has yet to be properly tested and may be wildly unbalanced, but if you took a chance on it and wanted to give some feedback, I’d be happy to receive it at [email protected]. May your journey be filled with delectable wonder.
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Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)
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Down load the game sheets. Make sure there is a set for each player. Have a delightful time!


Created by Navi Brouwer. 
Special mention to James Everett ❤️

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