Lost Memories

In this game you (the player) have lost all your memories and in order to regain them you head towards the mythical door Reflection, upon entering the door you enter a strange world made out of your memories mixed together in strange and uncanny ways, you can not remain in this world for long, as the longer you stay you will lose all sense of existing. The player has to collect as many memories as they can before reaching the end of the level. If the timer reaches 0, the player will start to gradually lose memories, if the number of memories reaches 0 it's Game Over The player must avoid the enemies along the path, if an enemy reaches the player they will steal their memories. Every level is customizable and randomly generated. The time & amount of rooms of the player has can be set using the buttons on the "Entrance" room, once the player feels the challenge is right, they can go through the door and enter the world of their memories.
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MS Windows
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Unzip file in a folder & run .exe


Esaí Ashuni

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