Lost Frames

Lost places are interesting, aren’t they? But what happens when you get lost in this place yourself? In the first person horror game "Lost Frames", you slip into the role of Vincent – a photographer who has found an abandoned bunker near his hometown. In this dark place, you want to take interesting pictures but suddenly the door to the outside world shuts. Only the flash of your camera provides you with light and you notice strange hints on the walls. Solve the puzzles to find the code for the exit! But be careful: with every step you take, oxygen becomes less and your hallucinations start to haunt you... Attention: Epilepsy warning due to flash light and jumpscares! Disclaimer: We don't own all of the asset packs, sound files etc. All sources can be found in “GGJ_directory_structure.zip” in the folder “other”.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Idea & Game Design

Astrid Holec, Eileen Drescher, Kai Gutsmann, Kevin Kleiber


Programming & Gameplay

Kai Gutsmann


Character Design & 2D Artist

Eileen Drescher


Level Design

Kevin Kleiber


Puzzle Design

Astrid Holec, Eileen Drescher


Sound Design

Astrid Holec

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