Lost & Found: Stop the Count (Satire)

Disclaimer: This game touches on certain recent events. While being a political satire some of the subjects touched may be sensitive to some people. Please consider if this game is something for you. In "Lost and Found: Stop the Count" you are a peaceful Capitol protestor whom has been invited by a strange hairy carrot to the Capitol building and Congress in search the the "Stolen votes". Discover the truth about the US2020 election... Not everything is as it seems! Gameplay: Find as many "lost votes" as possible before the timer runs out while Bernie Sanders cheers you on from his comfortable chair, discover secret conspiracy theories and evidence of what the congress members REALLY are hiding...! And whom are the votes stolen votes REALLY for?
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Spinal Tap
Fake News
On the safe side
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
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OneNote, MS Paint

Ezekiel - Game Design, Textures, Testing

Eplox - Programming, 3D Modelling

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