Lost & Found: A spooky night

Mabel a little witch was brewing a delicious potion, but she forgot the recipe and mixed the wrong ingredients. This caused an explosion inside the cauldron, and cute ghosts started spawning from it. Mabel knew that they where dangerous for the world, so she is on a mission: Catch all of them, before they scape her house. This is a 4 player online game, where 1 player "The Witch" has to catch the other 3 players, who are "Ghosts" before they scape her house. Those ghosts can transform into objets around the house to hide from her.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Just clik on Lost & Found.exe to start the game.


Game Artist:

-Jesica Jiménes Molina

-Melina Contreras

-Ari Wagner

-Thiago Mandias Louzan

-Cristian Cusumano



-Matias Galarza

-Gabriel Massia


Music Desing:

-Tomas Guida


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