RICR: Lost & Found

You are a devoted employee of the Lost and Found division of the Russel Intergalactic Clutter Retrieval (RICR) company. Video calls from customers who have lost something of value to them are pouring to your terminal. Your valiant job is to question the customers and deduce which item from your stash suits their description, sending it to them via the transdimensional teleporter unit. Rules: - You must transfer the correct space junk to their rightful owners. - With each customer you have time for 3 questions to help you. Choose wisely. - The customers don’t know if you sent them the correct item right away as the teleporter takes some time to transfer it. But they will complain eventually and RICR doesn’t like complaints. Controls: The game is fully controllable by just your mouse. There are two interactive areas: Workstation terminal - used to communicate with your customers - point and click on dialogue options to begin conversation Space junk stash - look to the right to see your stash of space junk for the day - click any junk object to have a closer look (inspect) - you can turn the object around by holding the left mouse button - transfer currently inspected object to the customer by clicking the TRANSFER button - leave inspection by clicking the BACK button
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Unity (any product)
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