Lost & Found

What's with that notebook? You found it in between all these other books that were long ago lost and will never be found again. That might be the matter in a Lost & Found Office. But this single little book has so much personality, it feels like it wants to tell you something. It want's to go back to it's owner. Can you return it? A whimsical "Choose your own Adventure" Game. You have to understand the thoughts of the notebooks owner to go through his riddles and find enough references to bring back the notebook to him. While doing this you find out a lot about the owner of that well-worn book. This game is playable with and in Google Slides online. It's a narrative in which you choose the outcome of your story with the decisions you make for the main character.
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Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Technology Notes: 
Google Slides
Installation Instructions: 

No installation needed! Just hop over to Google Slides, press "present" and play!

The executable file is a PDF-Version without sound! Please play it online in Google Slides if you can.

Have fun :D


Art: Sabine Heyne, Justine Flohr

Story: Christopher Probst, Justine Flohr, Sabine Heyne

Writing: Justine Flohr, Christopher Probst

“Park” by potok-potoczny
“Pond ducks” by monotraum
“My-love-piano-loop” by shadydave
“Ambient pub” by 16h-panska-stejskal-david
“Indoor-adult-murmur-small-group” by splicesound
“Office-ambience” by nightwatcher98
“Quiet-cafe” by arnaud coutancier

Made with Google Slides

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