Lost & Found

You’re trying to retrieve your missing items from the Lost and Found bin at the town hall. The problem is you forget what they look like so it’s a blur. To get your items back, you try your best to remember what they look like before someone else accidentally takes your stuff.
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Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)
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Game Requirements:

Amount of Player 3-5

1 bin box

100 Item cards

100 Seeking cards

1 die

5 bank tokens



The Bin Master must shuffle the Item cards and then pick 25 at random to put in their Bin. No one is allowed to see these cards except the Bin Master at this time.

The Customers shuffle the Seeking cards and deal out 8 at random per individual Customer and only the individual Customer can see their cards.



Bin Master

- Controls bin full of 25 Item cards.

- At the end of round 4, replenish the Items you are missing to make 25 Item cards in your bin again.


- They are missing Items based on their Seeking cards.

- Each customer holds 8 Seeking cards at all times.

- Need to match 3 Item cards with 3 Seeking cards.

Seeking Cards

- 8 cards that are randomly dealt to each Customer and the Customer never reveals their cards unless Challenged.

Item Cards

- The Bin Master controls these cards and gives an Item to the Customer should the Customer describe the Item correctly.

- The Customer wants to match 3 of their Seeking cards with an Item card to win.

- If the Customer can't match 3 Seeking cards, then they want to collect as many Item cards as they can get.


- There are 6 possible Actions that can occur after the Customer has performed their guess on an Item.

Action Die

- Roll this Die to see what Action to perform.

Action Token

- You have the ability to bank ONE Action and this token represents that Action.

- You can't swap out an Action Token for another Action that was rolled, while you still have one banked.

- Action Tokens are only usable at any part of that Customer’s turn.

- Rolling a 6 (Select an Action) can not be banked.


The Objective:


Customers want to match 3 of their Seeking cards with Item cards that are currently in front of the Bin Master.

There are 8 rounds, provided no one matches 3 of their Seeking cards with their Item cards before the last round.  When the last round is finished everyone adds up their Item points.  For all matches, double the points, (ie. I have an Item, “Ball” which has the face value of 1 point and I have a Seeking card that matches it, so my points will be 2 for that card) for every other Item you have that wasn’t a Seeking card you had in your hand, add the face value points.


What does a turn look like?

The person that has lost something recently (ie. keys, wallet, phone, their mind) goes first.

The Customer has 3 adjectives (yes they have to be adjectives and no other words) to try to guess if one of their Seeking cards is in front of the Bin Master.

It is then up to the Bin Master to say yes/no on the particular adjective based on the Items they see in front of them.  If the Bin Master says yes, then they must tell everyone how many Items with that particular adjective exist in front of them. The Customer then proceeds with the second adjective.  Again the same yes/no scenario.  On this second adjective, if the Bin Master says there are 2 Items that match this, the Customer may use their 3rd adjective to instead be the name of the Item they are Seeking.  If there are still more than 2 Items that exist, the Customer would have to proceed with the 3rd adjective.

If the Bin Master says no to any of the adjectives, then the guessing is over.  If the Bin Master says yes at any point and is singled down to 1 Item, they hand this Item to that Customer and the Customer puts the Item card down in front of them for all to see.

Once the Customer has guessed their adjectives, they then roll the Action Die.



Roll a 1 - Challenge - You may challenge an Item that you don't think another Customer has in their Seeking cards.  At this point the challenged Customer must Confirm that they have this Item by putting down their Seeking card on top of the Item that matches and then draw a card to go back to 8 cards and can now take one of the challenger’s Item cards (one that isn’t confirmed). However, if the challenged Customer doesn't have it, then the challenger takes that Item and now has it in front of them. Note: If the challenger doesn’t have any cards to take after a failed challenge or all the Items in front of them are Confirmed, they do not suffer a penalty.

Roll a 2 - Draw/Discard - You may discard as many cards as you want in your hand and draw the same amount to get back to 8 cards in your hand.

Roll a 3 - Nouns and Adjectives - You get to go again with guessing (3 adjectives/nouns), except this time you can choose to use nouns or adjectives or a mix of the two.

Roll a 4 - Adjectives - You get to go again with guessing (3 adjectives).

Roll a 5 - Confirm - You may choose to confirm an Item that you can match with one of your Seeking cards.

Roll a 6 - Select an Action - You may choose to perform any of the actions 1-5.  This is the only action that isn’t bankable, so choose wisely.



Illustration: Cece Dawkins

Music: Remy Chen

Vocals: Tien Dao

Tien Dao
David Chen
Phi Chen
Paul Katz
Cece Dawkins

Honorable Playtesters:

Trung Pham
Stacy O. Chen
Toulouse Chen
Berlioz Chen

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