Letterborne Castle

Welcome! You have stumbled upon the ruins of a great castle, its glory days long-past. You can feel the magic in the air. Your thoughts seem to have a certain... "tangibility" here. But focus on the task at hand! Lost treasures await within if you can brave the dangers. But can you find the exit? ... Letterborne Castle is a text-adventure game in the style of Zork, where you must enter text commands into the console to explore the castle, find items, and discover secrets. Just like those classic games, there is no in-game map of any kind, so if you get lost, it's on you. But in this game, when encountering monsters, the text describing the adventure become walls forming the battle arena. The player must navigate the castle to find lost weapons and treasures by exploring with text commands in order to equip themselves to battle monsters in a top-down real-time combat system. The treasures and combat system hold the secret to escaping the castle. Can you figure it out?
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Are we ASCIIng too much?
MS Windows
Technology Notes: 
This game was programmed in a handmade prototyping engine (C, C++) that uses the Windows Console to display graphics.
Installation Instructions: 

Download the .zip file, and run "letterborne_castle.exe". If the text is hard to read, try changing your console settings (Right-click on the title bar -> Properties).


Designed and programmed by Erik Buchholz.

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