In Lavé, you play as Tony, an elderly fisherman with dementia who must use his fishing hook to catch objects from his past to unlock memories from his life and return home. His wife has sent him out on the fishing trip with this letter... Dear Tony, I hope you have fun on your fishing trip. I have packed your sandwiches, snacks and your lucky hat. I’m making your favourite for dinner tonight so don’t be late. I know things have been difficult since your job but I need you to come back to me, I miss you. Your son misses you. I hope you can find some peace at sea. I’ll be waiting for you. Your loving wife, Sandra x
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The Feels - (Sponsored by Sony Interactive Entertainment)
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On the safe side
MS Windows
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Unity (any product)

Mikolaj Gackowski - Lead Programmer

Lukas Morrisby - Artist

Oliver Cleary- Programmer

Dorian Cozens - Sound/Story  


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