What did you lose? Can you find?

Hi! Thank you for choosing our game. I would like to tell you a few words that will improve your experience. First, I'm going to tell you the story of this game. Everyone loses things, but what nobody knows is that things were not lost ... they were stolen by fairies. As everyone knows, or should know, it is impossible to see a fairy, but it is perfectly possible to find the lost things. By the way, our game is actually a Gate that allows you to see the fairy world for just a few seconds, no more. Enough time to find the object that is showing in the upper right corner of the screen and try to find it in the images mess. Click on the correct image and score, make a bad click and you will lose points. Finally, to stop the game, just close the windows. Then that's it. Thanks again.
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MS Windows, Linux / Unix
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Netlify: www.netlify.com

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