Last peace of her

Once upon a time on a far away island, there was a happy couple who got married after so many problems and dangers on their path to be together. But their happy moments didn’t last long, as the night of their wedding didn’t end as they expected. Martha and Jonas went home after the wedding ceremony got ended, but along the way because of the rain Jonas couldn’t see the road fine, in a flash everything got dark and by the time Jonas got consciousness he found out that they had an accident and Martha’s body is covered with blood, Jonas tried to save Martha but by then it was too late and she passed away, he couldn’t believe it but it happened. He was staring at her while he was crying and didn’t know what to do to bring her back, suddenly a gate appeared and got Jonas attention, after a moment a wizard came out of the gate, the wizard said she knows the location of Martha’s soul, her soul is waiting for Jonas to rescue her and bring her back so they can live happily once again, the location can be reached by a hidden gateway, Jonas went to the gateway and after going through he found a magical castle that is the line between the world of the living and the dead, now Jonas should find Martha’s soul in this terrifying place.
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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