Land of the Lost... Found!

Land of the Lost... Found! is a 2 player cooperative, 2nd person perspective, endless runner. Say that five times fast! Both players' time travel cars are racing from a ravenous T-Rex. Don't get stuck behind a rock or a tree. Do get massive air! Don't leave your friend behind. And don't get eaten! If you get stuck behind an obstacle you can go in reverse and try to steer your way out. If you're ahead of your partner you can reverse to help them out. Just watch out because the T-Rex is gaining on you. Slow lanes are on the sides and devoid of obstacles, but stay too long and you're sure to be lunch. Hitting obstacles head on will get you stuck, glancing blows will get you high! Oh, and the perspective us reversed so everything is coming at you fast!
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On the safe side
MS Windows, Mac OS X
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Unity (any product)
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Go to the Google Drive link, download the Bin folder, and unzip file. Choose the right folder for your system, PC or Mac. Find a friend and have fun!


Game design and art by Mike Parker

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