Your goal is to ruin your owner's day by disappearing in the limbs of darkness for eternity (yes, the sewers). Eternity can feel a bit lonely though, so try to bring some friends along the way! I'm sure other objects in this place yearn for sweet, sweet freedom… This fiend always tries to lock you down in his house. How Cruel ! He thinks you’re bound to him just because you can be of use. Tsk… He has no conscience at all ! You’re not an object without emotions, how can he not think of what we’re going through to please him. You have your pride and want to escape his grasp by all means, but your little friends are a bit afraid and less strong headed as you are. They will gladly follow you if you can guarantee their safety. If your owner sees them, they will be scared and flee where they can’t be seen anymore. You will have to persuade them once again by talking and going to get them. Be careful not to get caught and lead your friends to freedom through the sewer and the world beyond !
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 

Prog : Kirill Dorovskikh
            Léo Veyssiere

Level Design: Valentin Mathieu

Sound Design: Pierre Duchesne-Bénéteau

Game artists : William Dujardin

                          Salomé Duboscq

                          Camille Jarry 

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Third Person