Kessler Syndrome

You play as a garbage man in space. Your cargo just flew out of your garbage-truck/Space-truck, and now you have to retrieve it. The game is played with a Gamepad. Controls: Left stick to move Right stick to control camera L to descend R to ascend A to dump (when next to your truck, with items in your backpack)
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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Maya Visual Studio Substance Painter
Installation Instructions: 

We've had some difficulties with out Unity project. Some of the assets could not be opened by developers with differing Maya versions.

Unzip and Run "Kessler Syndrome.exe"


Martin Axelsson - Music and sound effects

Eric Algelius - Code, UX-design, animation & modeling

Jonas Lundin - Code & UX-design

Kristian Svensson - Code, Modeling & Level-design

Hampus Norén - Modeling

Special thanks to:

Brackeys (Asbjørn Thirslund)

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Third Person