The Janitor

You hate your workplace. You hate your job. So what now...? You quit. On the last day, you decided to leave a mess and walk out the door. On your way out, you realised you've lost your *beep* keys again. At this point you think "Screw it" and trash the place to find your keys and leave the place as quick as possible. Keyboard/mouse and gamepad supported. CONTROLS • Move - WASD or left stick • Jump - space or cross/A • Swing - right click OR right trigger • Sweep - left click OR left trigger • Grab key - E or square/B button • Exit to Main Menu - Escape or Start
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Download the Executable Zip file from the bottom of this page

Extract the files (Right click on it)

Play! (Open "The Janitor" File)


Joseph Tran

Lily Huynh

Chris Gebbing

Faris Ahmed

Marcus Steele

Slice of Life (music) by Brian Teoh

Key Pickup sound -

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