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This is a take on running a lost and found desk. The concept is that you would have lost and found items in your inventory (box) and you would have customers come up and say that they lost something. If you have the type of item that they are looking for you can click on it and start asking them questions. The customers would have different personality types Normal, Awkward, or Charismatic and Honest or Liar together made up the possible types. So there was an aspect of having to sift out the liars. You gain points by matching item to person and lose points for giving a person the wrong item or tell them you don't have it when you do. ** Note ** What is uploaded is the product of a weekend when life got VERY in the way and disrupted the entire game development experience. I am not proud of how far I got but it is what it is and I am going to share it either way.
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MS Windows
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.Net, Unity (any product)
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I tried out using the Rider IDE this time, it was a good experience and I enjoyed the IDE.

Vernon - All the things!

2000 faces Unity asset package used for the customer art.

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